Ronnie Kommene Observatorium showing the light inside
 Observatorium in Central Saint Martins
detail of light shining through the Observatorium
The Observatorium
Ronnie Kommene The Observatorium
The inside of the Observatorium
The Observatorium with a light inside
The Observatorium in a space
Detail of The Observatorium

A little dome. Tranquille, with nothing other than a mirror inside. Here you observe yourself, not knowing you are also being observed. Seen and judged, but luckily you are safe in this little white bubble. Or are you?

The Observatorium in a theatre space
The Observatorium in the street
Detail of the inside of The Observatorium
Light inside The Observatorium
a scale model
The Observatorium in a corner
proces of the build of teh Observatorium
Detail of the inside

2019, London

Performative installation.

Made out of reused materials.

This work was made in collaboration with

Venus Crofts


I am always ready to listen to new stories, brainstorm to create exciting ideas or build visual elements.

Let's work together.

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